Egg muffins

Here is your solution to the ‘I don’t have time for breakfast’ dilemma. These egg muffins are super easy to make and customizable. I usually like to add max 3 filling ingredients since you don’t want to pack them with ingredients (or maybe you do – that’s okay too!). The recipe below is my usual

PB Protein Cookies

Apparently January 24th is #nationalpeanutbutterday so in honor of my favorite nut butter here is a recipe to save and make. PB protein cookies which are super easy to make and with no added sugar (minus the chocolate chips 😉). These are on repeat for me. They’re the perfect on the go snack! Try them

Red Curry Seafood

One week during meal prep I wanted something quick, easy and tasty. Full disclosure: I cheated with this recipe. I took the easy way out and bought a jar of Thai Kitchen red curry past. It has a clean ingredient list and their products have a great reputation. The result was a delicious red curry