Tidbits from my kitchen, the gym and life

Music is life. Period.

Growing up my mom played music at one volume: full blast. God bless our neighbors because you could hear the music blaring the minute you stepped out of the elevator. It was fun rocking out to the Bee Gees and Abba and then discovering bands that catered more to my age group (think New Kids on the Block). I had a huge collection of cassettes and then as technology advanced CDs and now a monthly financial commitment to streaming endless music.

Given my obsession with music its only fitting to have friends who share the same obsession. One of Danai’s (many) amazing qualities is that she can curate a playlist that you will want to have on repeat. She has an eclectic taste in music and it ranges from indie rock to hip-hop to unexpected nostalgia (aka throwbacks). I’m excited that she has decided to curate monthly playlists to share with everyone – they are basically her version of a Dear Diary entry but in music form. June’s playlist is the perfect way to start the summer.

Check the playlist out here!