Personal Training & Customized Programs

If the group atmosphere isn’t your thing and you need individualized attention, then private training is your best option!

I offer private in person sessions based out of downtown Toronto, virtual 1:1 sessions done via zoom and customized training packages if you are not looking to work directly 1:1.

All packages come with a complimentary 30 minute assessment to get to know you, your goals and where you’re at on your journey.

Why private personal training?

Private personal training is great if you are:

  • A beginner who is new to fitness and needs some guidance on building the foundations
  • An avid gym goer who wants to take their training to the next level
  • Looking to crush a goal and need specific training to get you there
  • Trying to reach your specific goals and need the accountability of a coach to help you get there

The goals of the sessions are to help you not only build the foundations and learn key techniques, but to also teach you how to move in your body and move well.

In person:

  • Package of 10 sessions - $115/session ($1,150)
  • Package of 20 sessions - $110/session ($2,200)
  • Package of 50 sessions - $100/session ($5,000)


  • Package of 10 sessions - $65/session ($650)
  • Package of 20 sessions - $60/session ($600)

What if I just want a program?*

Whether you are experienced in the gym or just starting and would like a plan to follow, I will work with you to create a plan towards your specific goals with whatever equipment you have access to. Fitness should always be inclusive and I work hard to meet you where you are.

The program will include:

  • Progressive programming based on your activity level and goals
  • Cues/instructions for form and instructional videos as needed
  • One 45 minute call (per 4 weeks)
  • Bi-weekly check ins
  • Customized nutrition plan based on your dietary needs/preferences
  • 24/7 access to me for any questions or concerns (allowing 24 hours for a response)

4 weeks - $249

8 weeks - $429

*Programs are self administered which means you will be responsible for following the program on your own.

To chat about personal training or a customized program:

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