Tiana takes the time to design workouts that are always new, challenging and engaging. She provides clear and supportive instructions to ensure you’re form is correct every time. She motivates her clients in such a positive way that you end up pushing yourself more than you ever thought you could. I saw results within 2 weeks of attending her class. She’s definitely one of the best trainers I’ve ever had!

– Dhalia

Tiana is a highly educated and knowledgeable personal trainer on all things fitness and nutrition. She taught me about my body, and how to maintain good health and nutrition.
I valued that she prepared a workout plan for me ahead of each session. She was personable, patient and intuitive to my needs – she knew when to push hard and when to ease up. Personal training sessions with T was never boring – she introduced new exercise routines and equipment to keep me engaged and motivated. A couple of her motivational one liners are virtually imprinted on my brain – “It’s 80 percent what you eat!” and “A day has 24 hours, so invest 1 hour daily to exercise to remain healthy as you age.”

Tiana’s vegan eats are seriously inspired by the ingredients our earth has to offer. Whether it be sweet or savoury this girl has got you covered! Her energy balls are a personal favourite but I’m always happy to try anything she whips up.

– Emily

I feel privileged to have been training with Tiana for almost two years. Her approach to training is multilayered: she cultivates an appreciation of foundational movements like a lunge, a squat, a press, a curl and combines with variations and techniques to challenge towards new levels of strength. Her instruction led to targeted results. I have never felt stronger and all credit is due to Tiana’s guidance.

– Nashwa

I’ve been taking Tiana’s classes for several years now and every class has been motivating and very different, never feeling like you’re working the same muscle twice. She has developed somewhat of a “cult” following with her classes, with her clients following her wherever she’s teaching next.

– Stephanie

My problem has always been commitment, consistency and knowledge when it comes to health and fitness. Tiana infected me with her positive attitude and taught me thoughtful ways to improve my consistency and strengthen my commitment. Along the way she has imparted really useful knowledge  to help me make meaningful strides towards living a healthier life. I feel amazing and I don’t look to bad either.

– Bilal