Nutritionist. Chef. Trainer.

I’m Tiana – Holistic Nutritionist, Chef, Personal Trainer and TRX Coach. A triple threat covering the bases for all things health and wellness related.

This is my story….

My story is similar to a lot of yours – I was the quiet, chubby girl who silently wished she could disappear in the shadows. I didn’t grow up playing any sports (I was far from athletic), nor did I grow up eating well balanced meals. Despite occasionally using food to escape my anxiety and self-conscious thoughts, I knew from an early age that I had a profound love for food.

A complex relationship with food emerged…

My relationship with food was a fine balance between love and hate; I counted calories, binged, ate my emotions and yoyo dieted endlessly, and that led me to develop a very unhealthy relationship with food and my body. Years of trial and error in the kitchen and gym took its toll, until I realized I needed to change. Constant fatigue, moodiness, low energy and feeling like I was a slave to the treadmill were things I was ready to put behind me for good. I took that passion for fitness and became a spin instructor through Mad Dogg Athletics and Schwinn Fitness. I’m also a personal trainer certified through CanFit Pro and a registered TRX Coach. I love having the opportunity to share my passion by motivating and inspiring others to reach their personal goals.

Making peace with myself, meant making peace with my body and with food. I believe that we are all students in life and that one should never stop learning, whether through formal instruction or lived experience. My learning journey has revealed a deep appreciation for the emotional and physical benefits of regular exercise and healthy eating. My passion for fitness naturally evolved to food – becoming a certified nutrition pro.

Building on this love, I went on to study Holistic Nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition – taking a holistic approach to the role that food has in our lives. I am currently studying Vegetarian and Vegan cooking at George Brown College, where I have the opportunity to become a chef and prepare tasty and healthy plant based meals.

My approach…

I believe that food is meant to nurture and sustain us, not torture us and be the enemy. I also believe that achieving health goes beyond just food and fitness. I believe it’s a 3 three-tiered approach – mind, body and spirit. To me, healthy living is about cultivating balance and finding that sweet spot where you can have fun – because if you’re having fun it will keep you committed to your goals.

This site is a platform for me to share all things health and fitness related, a platform for you to share in my journey and a place for motivation and inspiration with love, light and a lot of laughs.


  • I highly recommend Tiana! Tiana creates a very supportive, non-judgmental and encouraging environment, while also pushing and challenging you to move closer to your goals. She also offers delicious and healthy plant-based recipes and meal plans that support a holistic approach to health and fitness. Tiana is also very personable and posts engaging and inspiring content on her social media and websites. Strongly recommend!

    Brittaney Warren — Brittaney Warren, University of Toronto
    Toronto, ON

  • I’m so glad I’ve met Tiana as she has made such an positive impact to my fitness. The Queen of Slow Burn, I look forward to her classes every week. She has great cueing skills, amazing playlists and an amazing ability to motivate (even through remote-style classes). As a former professional basketball player, I’ve worked with many different trainers over the years, and I would recommend Tiana anytime!

    — May Kotsopoulos
    Toronto, ON

  • Tiana is a one stop all awesome package! I was struggling fitting in workouts during this time of full time at home working/parenting.. i needed something for me to get moving. Her small zoom classes are at a convenient time, and i am the good sore after the hour long workout. I find the class structure fun, challenging... well thought out and put together... she is positive and helpful while correcting your form. If you are looking to change up your game, invest in yourself with Tiana. Also, we have weekly dance family dance parties to the playlists!!! 100% recommended.

    — Kelly Williams, Government of Ontario
    Toronto, ON

  • Tiana offers you workouts tailored to the results you are looking for, always prioritizing proper alignment and functional mobility. Her workouts build strength without causing injury, due to her extensive education in how the body works and performs. If you are looking for someone to transform not just your body, but your health and well-being — Tiana is the perfect trainer for you!

    Carolyn Coates — Carolyn Coates
    Toronto, ON

  • I have experienced life-changing and long-lasting results from working with Tiana over a number of years. What I like most about her approach is that she never expects more of you than she does of herself. That inherent strategy motivates me to do better, because she has done it too. It's not lip service, it's real hard work, real results and unprecedented accountability. 10/10.

    Danai Mushayandebvu — Danai Mushayandebvu
    Toronto, ON

  • I highly recommend working with Tiana, in fact, I rave about her to anyone who will listen! I first met Tiana at the gym and was a fast fan of her style. She leads classes that always leave me dripping in sweat and I’ve recognized myself get stronger and more fit working with her. Whether in class or in virtual classes she is super attentive, focused, fun, and I really admire her ability to push me and everyone to the next level. Thank you Tiana!

    — Kat Kotsopoulos
    Toronto, ON