Tiana Pollari

Tiana is a certified mindset coach with a background in holistic nutrition and movement who works with women who want to level up, step into their power and live their f*ck yes life.

Her signature programs are designed to provide her clients with a 360 approach in that they focus on helping you uncover what you truly desire and the blocks that may be holding you back from achieving your goals and dream life. They also focus on optimizing your nutrition and movement to balance your hormones, lose weight and increase your performance.

Tiana is passionate about providing women with the tools and resources, as well as 1:1 support to put them back into the driver’s seat of their lives and step into their full potential. Her extensive coaching toolkit includes techniques that work with the mind to help move past the blocks and limiting beliefs such as neural energetics and linguistics, hypnosis and emotional freedom techniques all of which she leverages to help you shift from a place of overwhelm to kicka$$ confidence.

Interested in working with Tiana? Check out her Absolute Alignment program or connect with her on Instagram.

Tiana in the Media

March 30, 2022

A 5-minute full body workout only using gliders

A quick full body workout with Tiana Pollari using only gliders. “You can use tea towels or socks, anything you have at home to glide with.”

March 10, 2020

Working Out with Things Around the House

When it comes to exercise, there are two barriers that prevent most people from starting a workout routine: time and money.

March 2020 Issue 127

Keeping Up With Your Fitness Goals All Year Round

Top tips to keep you on track when you lost your motivation.

The reality is you have to enjoy what you are doing. If you don’t, then chances are you will lose interest quickly and likely not stick it out. It’s important to recognize what suits your personality. Some people thrive in a group environment while others don’t. Large gyms or group classes can be intimidating and make some people feel self-conscious. If that’s the case, then look into smaller boutique style gyms or invest in one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer.

🔗 [PDF] Download Vista Issue 127

April 2, 2018

Workin’ off those Easter Treats

Tiana gives a burpees demo to burn off about 230 calories from ham in 20 minutes; jump squats to burn a hot cross buns’ 155 calories for a cardio portion; 30 minutes of skipping to burn 350 calories from a slice of carrot cake; and 20 minutes of mountain climbers to burn 190 calories from chocolate.


  • I highly recommend Tiana! Tiana creates a very supportive, non-judgmental and encouraging environment, while also pushing and challenging you to move closer to your goals. She also offers delicious and healthy plant-based recipes and meal plans that support a holistic approach to health and fitness. Tiana is also very personable and posts engaging and inspiring content on her social media and websites. Strongly recommend!

  • I’m so glad I’ve met Tiana as she has made such an positive impact to my fitness. The Queen of Slow Burn, I look forward to her classes every week. She has great cueing skills, amazing playlists and an amazing ability to motivate (even through remote-style classes). As a former professional basketball player, I’ve worked with many different trainers over the years, and I would recommend Tiana anytime!

  • Tiana is a one stop all awesome package! I was struggling fitting in workouts during this time of full time at home working/parenting.. i needed something for me to get moving. Her small zoom classes are at a convenient time, and i am the good sore after the hour long workout. I find the class structure fun, challenging... well thought out and put together... she is positive and helpful while correcting your form. If you are looking to change up your game, invest in yourself with Tiana. Also, we have weekly dance family dance parties to the playlists!!! 100% recommended.

  • Tiana offers you workouts tailored to the results you are looking for, always prioritizing proper alignment and functional mobility. Her workouts build strength without causing injury, due to her extensive education in how the body works and performs. If you are looking for someone to transform not just your body, but your health and well-being — Tiana is the perfect trainer for you!

  • I have experienced life-changing and long-lasting results from working with Tiana over a number of years. What I like most about her approach is that she never expects more of you than she does of herself. That inherent strategy motivates me to do better, because she has done it too. It's not lip service, it's real hard work, real results and unprecedented accountability. 10/10.

  • I highly recommend working with Tiana, in fact, I rave about her to anyone who will listen! I first met Tiana at the gym and was a fast fan of her style. She leads classes that always leave me dripping in sweat and I’ve recognized myself get stronger and more fit working with her. Whether in class or in virtual classes she is super attentive, focused, fun, and I really admire her ability to push me and everyone to the next level. Thank you Tiana!

  • Tiana is someone that changed my life for the better. Not only do I consider her a great friend, she has taught me everything I am proud to now know about health and fitness.

    I came to Tiana years ago as someone completely oblivious to my own health needs and she has transformed me into someone who loves working out every day and cares deeply about moving properly to avoid injury. She is ALWAYS about form and technique before incorporating intensity. She will always take the time to correct every single person in the class so that no one feels ignored and like they aren’t getting what they paid for. She will definitely call you out if you’re late though – she wants to ensure everyone feels like they are getting her undivided attention. Be on time! 😊

    She is also extremely passionate about food, health and wellness and she has inspired me into transforming my diet one ingredient and helpful tip at a time. I have gone from thinking as long as it was homemade, it was healthy - to understanding the true meaning behind “abs are made in the kitchen” - as she so famously tells her clients 😊

    I have used Tiana over the years for everything from personal training, group fitness, nutrition advice and guidance, lectures, kitchen tips and tricks, and… so much inspiration.

    I also really miss working our “day jobs” together so I could cash in on her recipe testing (and generosity) to sample all her goodies.

    You will never go wrong with Tiana as your coach!

  • If you want highly effective, challenging, and fun workouts, Tiana is the best! She never ceases to bring a variety of different exercises that target strength, cardio, and endurance. She always pushes you to do your best and boy, does she test your mind over matter! I appreciate how Tiana brings a holistic approach to wellness, focusing on physical and mental well being. I've been lucky to know her for many years now and will likely be a lifelong follower! Plus she always has killer playlists and tons of enthusiasm to boot! 😎

  • Tiana is an amazing trainer. She is attentive to your needs and her workouts are challenging. Plus, she has a killer (many killer) playlists. Highly recommend! Always appreciate and love training with you Tiana!

  • I have taken Tiana's Spin classes at Ryerson and have had her as a Personal Trainer. Her range of knowledge and expertise in the physical training space is unmatched. She can spot areas that you need improvement on, then guide and coach you with a strong yet, empathetic nature that you're motivated to keep going and see improvements.

    I would highly recommend Tiana and have recommended her to my friends, family and associates! Keep up the amazing work, looking forward to our next session!

  • I am one of many who benefited from Tiana's classes. I was in poor physical shape a few years ago. Of the many things I learned, the most important is, if you treat your body right it will heal. Success comes from will power. Online classes are a new adjustment for everyone. We'll get through this.